Shell Engine Oil 5W-30 – 5ltr


Shell Engine Oil (Helix Ultra Professional AG Engine Oil – 5W-30 – 5ltr)

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Engine Oil

Oil is an essential ingredient to your car’s engine. It lubricates all parts of the engine to make sure there is no metal to metal contact, whilst it also serves to cool certain parts. Making sure you have the right grade and level of oil, whilst regularly changing it can drastically extend the life of the engine and also reduce the need for repairs.

The grade and type of oil you use can also impacts your car’s economy and emissions, so it is essential that you use the correct grade of oil. We recommend that you check your oil level regularly (ideally once a month), before a long journey and keep it topped up if necessary.

It is also important that you change your oil every time your car has its annual or 12,000 mile service to protect and maintain your engine.